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'Snow' one can stop us!

Even with the snow coming down, the work never stops! Our wonderful vestry member Rebecca Shannon got to check on the house and see how far its come from our last visit.

We've got carpet and paint on the walls! This is the entrance to our dining/worship room. This greenish color is a classic one that ties to the house so well. It is not a loud but a calming color for stressful times.

This is the worship side of the room with a nice platform and fresh carpteting.

To get up close and personal with the flooring you can see there is a wood portion and a carpet portion. Makes the place feel more complete than ever!

Once you enter the house you see the flooring is completer and the walls are fully painted. Also, check out the fire alarm system! We keep it safe here at Canterbury ;)

This is the upstairs room and it also has the floors and walls done. There are also "Exit" signs that make the house more navigatable.

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