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It was a beautiful day as we moved out of the old house into the new one. Moving was a reminder that we are going to have a fresh start and make new memories in the new house! Luckily we were only hit with a little rain but it lasted for a couple of minutes. After the rain passed we had a little sun and some shade from the overpassing clouds which gave us some shade as we moved in and out.

(Bishop Curry was with us in the form of a cardboard cutout in the right-hand window)

Many hands make light work as it has been said before. This rang true on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday we packed out.

It was strange to walk the halls of the old building that held many memories and many generations of canterbury members. However, it was just as thrilling to walk through the halls of the new building and see all the possibilities to come.

The main level quickly filled with not only helping hands but lots of furniture ready to be situated. A big thanks to Laura for directing everyone on what needs to go where. Not an easy task for sure but it partnered well with her never-ending patience and smile.

The pantry and kitchen started to fill as the move progressed and it started to make the new house feel like a new home.

The upstairs apartment so far has a couch, coffee table, chair, lamps, and a comfy purple mattress. Also, no the apartment does not come with a free Lynn even though she would make an amazing addition. She is modeling what life can be like for its tenant. Comfy, cozy, and private.

The upstairs room so far has a couch and whiteboard. We hope to decorate it in Canterbury memorabilia and a pool table!

Shoutout to the wonderful team that helped move on Sunday and those who helped move on Thursday/Friday. Work wouldn't have been able to get done without help from the community and those behind the scenes. We look forward to getting fully moved in and I can't wait to update you all on the improvements to come!

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It is with great happiness that I am announcing that the New Canterbury house is officially finished with construction! We want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been with us from start to finish or even just recently joined us on our adventure. This project would not have been able to get finished if it wasn't for the support of the community, friends and family, and God. We have also reached our fundraising goal and from the bottom of our hearts, we give a big thank you to everyone who contributed in any way, shape, or form.

As soon as you enter the Canterbury doors you are met with a beautiful corridor with glass doors and windows to allow in God's creation of light.

To the right of the front door is two bathrooms. The bathroom on the right contains a washer and dryer for any cleaning needs. The toilet is complete with handrails for any person who is in need of them.

This is the hallway that connects to the main hall room and other available offices/study/meeting rooms. This image is taken from the back of the house with the front doors at the end of the hall.

To the right of where I am standing are more rooms, a bathroom, and the compline room.

The main meeting room with the dividing door is complete will full-length windows with a protective cover for privacy and window access to the kitchen. This will allow for easy communication with anyone in the kitchen that way no one is left out. The kitchen is finished and our lovely Laura has started to move us in! Also pictured above is an example of a meeting/study room complete with a whiteboard with fun messages from guests.

Up the fancy black stairs is a game room that will give members and others a place to congregate and relax. There is lots of space for activities and for memories to be made.

The upstairs apartment is complete with a washer and drier, a full kitchen, living space, bathroom, bedroom, and full closet. This allows for a comfortable living environment and for its occupant to add their special touch in order to make it their home.

The back of the house is complete with a parking pad, a wheelchair ramp, and a sidewalk that extends the length of the parking lot.

Special amenities include a water fountain complete with a water bottle filling station and an elevator to accommodate anyone who enters the house.

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with the building of this house because it would not be possible without you. For everyone who has been with us from the beginning or even just recently we cannot wait to show you what we fill the space with our own special Canterbury way. Stay tuned for future updates and thank you again!

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It's getting close! The stairs and outside are getting the last few upgrades and we can't wait to start adding the beautiful touches to it. The wrap-around porch will support the rocking chairs and potential swing. Perfect for relaxation and a quiet moment with God if needed.

The deck is complete with fans to allow for airflow and railings so no accidents can occur. In this image, you can see how big the windows are to allow for maximum light in the house.

The back is complete with a wheelchair ramp that continues to the parking lot for easy access and to accommodate any needs.

Here we have the beautiful back steps that lead to the back door complete with an even more beautiful Laura in her stunning pink sweater!

Once you walk into the house you are met with two bathrooms complete with handlebars and one containing a washer and drier that is for the upstairs apartment's access.

The upstairs living space is complete with a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The apartment also contains a large closet to allow for maximum storage. The apartment is not complete, still missing the refrigerator and shower curtain which are a must-have.

The house not only has a wheelchair ramp but also an elevator! This goes up to the second floor with ease.

The upstairs hall is finished and complete with wood floors! There is lots of space for activities to take place and also a possible pool table. Furthermore, there is a possibility of placing all the historic art on the far wall of the room but that is not final and we will update you on the location of the art once we move in this summer.

The downstairs main room is complete with a divider and beautiful lighting. We cannot wait to fill the rooms and also be able to host events and services!

The kitchen is complete with appliances! There are two dishwashers and one oven so there will never be a lack of clean dishes or yummy food! The blue on the appliances are just protective coverings and will be taken off once ready. We cannot wait to stock these cabinets and also our food pantry (not pictured)!

Our bonus feature of the house is having a water bottle filling station and water fountain! No need to try and fill up at the sink.

I hope everyone has a blessed day and we want to thank you for all the donations that have come our way. We look forward to updating you once we start filling the house with our own personal touch. Have an amazing day!

"I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;

I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High." (Psalm 7:17)

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