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Out of the old and into the new

It was a beautiful day as we moved out of the old house into the new one. Moving was a reminder that we are going to have a fresh start and make new memories in the new house! Luckily we were only hit with a little rain but it lasted for a couple of minutes. After the rain passed we had a little sun and some shade from the overpassing clouds which gave us some shade as we moved in and out.

(Bishop Curry was with us in the form of a cardboard cutout in the right-hand window)

Many hands make light work as it has been said before. This rang true on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday we packed out.

It was strange to walk the halls of the old building that held many memories and many generations of canterbury members. However, it was just as thrilling to walk through the halls of the new building and see all the possibilities to come.

The main level quickly filled with not only helping hands but lots of furniture ready to be situated. A big thanks to Laura for directing everyone on what needs to go where. Not an easy task for sure but it partnered well with her never-ending patience and smile.

The pantry and kitchen started to fill as the move progressed and it started to make the new house feel like a new home.

The upstairs apartment so far has a couch, coffee table, chair, lamps, and a comfy purple mattress. Also, no the apartment does not come with a free Lynn even though she would make an amazing addition. She is modeling what life can be like for its tenant. Comfy, cozy, and private.

The upstairs room so far has a couch and whiteboard. We hope to decorate it in Canterbury memorabilia and a pool table!

Shoutout to the wonderful team that helped move on Sunday and those who helped move on Thursday/Friday. Work wouldn't have been able to get done without help from the community and those behind the scenes. We look forward to getting fully moved in and I can't wait to update you all on the improvements to come!

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