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We are so excited to share with you the newest development to the house: the kitchen is being finished up!

There are now cabinets and the walls are all painted. There is some nice mood lighting under the cabinets creating prime cooking conditions.

Complete with two sinks and more counter space; the new Canterbury is going to be serving up some delicious meals for its members and guests!

Here we get some insight into how spacious the cabinets are and also the plethora of outlets in the walls. There will be no shortages happening on our watch!

Even the apartment kitchen is being finalized. This kitchen is paired with black counters and spacious cabinets. The window in the room adds lots of light which always comes in handy when cooking!

We'd like to thank everyone who has donated already and greatly appreciate all the support as we start to fill these new rooms :)

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Even with the snow coming down, the work never stops! Our wonderful vestry member Rebecca Shannon got to check on the house and see how far its come from our last visit.

We've got carpet and paint on the walls! This is the entrance to our dining/worship room. This greenish color is a classic one that ties to the house so well. It is not a loud but a calming color for stressful times.

This is the worship side of the room with a nice platform and fresh carpteting.

To get up close and personal with the flooring you can see there is a wood portion and a carpet portion. Makes the place feel more complete than ever!

Once you enter the house you see the flooring is completer and the walls are fully painted. Also, check out the fire alarm system! We keep it safe here at Canterbury ;)

This is the upstairs room and it also has the floors and walls done. There are also "Exit" signs that make the house more navigatable.

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With groundbreaking in July, the new Canterbury house has come along beautifully. There is still much to do for preparing for members and move in. With a new house comes the need for new furniture and amenities.

Just as pretty from behind. The house will come with more parking than the current residence and it will also be open to the Emmanuel Episcopal congregation when needed!

With all the beautiful Harrisonburg sunsets there is an automatic need for a wrap-around porch allowing for stress relief and meaningful conversations to take place. This also calls for chairs of some sort to be purchased in order to create a comfortable environment.

Here is a look from the kitchen into the worship/dining space. This space will be able to be divided so that we can use the space for many things, like dinners and other social events.

These are more pictures of our worship space. The first picture is of the alter space we will use for worship. The second picture is all the windows we have to bring in as much light as possible into the space. The last picture is of the worship space as a whole. We know it looks a little messy now, but we are so excited to get this place furnished and ready for use to use. We hope to have the building complete by the end of April; two weeks earlier than originally planned!

In the back of the house, there is a compline room where we will be able to do our Wednesday night 9:15 worship service. We all sit in a circle of cushions on the ground and have a quick compline service. Afterwards, there is alone time; this is a quiet time for all members and allows personal time between oneself and one's prayers.

The new Canterbury House is on its way to greet its very excited members and we need your help to get everything we need, like tables, chairs, couches, coffee tables, pillows, and much more. Everyone at Canterbury thanks everyone that has already donated and asked that if you want to give please go to the donation link on our website where you can find even more information about this project

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